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About the Game

Super Grid Run is a fast-paced simple to pick-up but hard to put-down multi-platform retro action game where you must avoid everything coming at you for as long as you can whilst the speed relentlessly increases testing your twitch-gaming skills to the limit!


Super Grid Run was originally made for the Ludum Dare October Game Jam. it was unfinished by the end of October so I figured I would continue development until I' was happy to release it. This will be my first pay-for-game release and I hope people enjoy it!


  • 3 Difficulty Levels from Easy to Extra Hard!
  • Fast-paced simple action gameplay.
  • Global Cross-platform High Scores
  • Amazing Chiptune Music from the talented Garry Lee! -
  • New Future Game Modes Coming Soon!

Platform Support

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS
  • Android

Release Dates

  • Windows / Mac OS X - 31st January 2013
  • Android - 31st January 2013
  • iOS - 13th February 2013
  • Other Mobile Platforms TBA
  • OUYA - March / April 2013


  • The Droid Guy - "If you are looking for some high intensity retro action then check out Super Grid Run."
  • Android Central - "Super Grid Run is another retro-style game worth your time"
  • Android Apps - "Super Grid Run is a fine example of a great quick-play game complete with retro graphics and chip tunes"
  • Droid Gamer - "Retro-style endless racer Super Grid Run races onto Google Play"
  • App Zoom - "4/5 - Great"
  • Android Rundown - "8/ 10 "A Simple game that definitely bursts out of its modest looking clothing."

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About Ryan Carson - Refresh Creations Ltd

I'm a website developer who has recently become really excited about making one-touch games for mobile phones. I first entered the Ludum Dare Game Jam back in April 2012 and have since become compelled to make games when I have some spare time available.


If you would like to recieve a review copy of Super Grid Run or have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

Available on:

  • Super Grid Run is Available on Google Play
  • Super Grid Run on the App Store

  • Super Grid Run on Amazon App Store

Coming Soon

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